About Us

About Us

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The Modoc High Tunnel Users Group is funded by a grant from USDA’s SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education) program. Our mission is to support the use of high tunnels in Modoc County, California and surrounding areas. To do this we will create a clearinghouse for regionally specific information about successful high tunnel ownership and use; to facilitate peer to peer technical assistance on topics ranging from selection and installation to pest management and marketing.

We will encourage the use of best practices through electronic and in-person information sharing in a producer-driven users group meeting held quarterly over two years, starting May, 2016. Meetings include networking and presentations that address topics which are seasonally focused and responsive to the needs and requests of group members. When practical, meetings will be held at the location of a chosen member’s working high tunnel operation, so that the they will also have the impact of a hands-on field day where users can ask questions and see techniques in use.

In addition to the in-person meetings, the users group will be supported by a rich community resource that members and the public may access as needed. This will consist of an online presence that includes this  web site, social media and an email list to which users can subscribe or contribute at any time. The users will also benefit from a quarterly newsletter which will be available in electronic or paper form.

We are looking for collaborators, board members, presenters, and volunteers to help make this a really useful group. To join us in any capacity, please call (530) 475-4667 and leave your contact info, or fill out the form below. We’ll get back to you soon. 


This website project was funded by a grant from the Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program.

Programs and projects supported by Western SARE are equally open to all people.

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